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“The world is at your fingertips !”


We have your simplest and most efficient e-commerce solution. For ARTISTS it’s never been easier to run a web store from your home or on the road anywhere in the world. For RECORD LABELS, MERCHANDISE and MANAGEMENT companies we can we can create a multi-store site to consolidate all your artists’ web stores under one banner that you can easily edit and ship from your own warehouse. If you have an existing fulfillment company we can customize reports to match order submission requirements. If you require multiple web stores worldwide we can ensure continuity by setting up identical stores in different currencies with each running their own inventory.


If you are looking for a one stop solution then go one step further by letting RockPaperMerch run everything for you. Save the expense of a warehouse and staff ! Save the hassles of packaging and tracking orders ! We handle it all with worldwide fulfillment and pass some of the lowest shipping rates in the industry on to your customers ! Whether it’s a large PledgeMusic order or continuous VIP packages, exclusive touring merchandise or end of tour clearance. Foreign acts experience increased sales with a North American web store as your fans get relief on the additional shipping, customs duties and taxes charged on international shipments.


DESIGN – Your web store is built on our custom RockPaperMerch responsive WordPress template optimized for viewing on mobile devices and tablets. Pages are streamlined for easy navigation with no banner ads or third party pop-ups to distract customers. Choose your color themes and backgrounds. Customize sections to sell tickets, VIP packages, downloads, and more !
SHIPPING – Set rates by weight or per item avoiding time consuming integration to complex post office and courier systems.
E-COMMERCE – A simple checkout system ensures a high order completion rate. Monthly e-commerce fees are eliminated by processing card payments through Paypal (the world’s most accepted and secure payment system). Track sales through Woo Commerce customizable sales reports and charts.
CUSTOMER SERVICE – A dedicated Customer Service Centre handles customer inquiries.
ADMINISTRATION – Control your stores from anywhere in the world with access in real time. On the back end the admin interface makes it easy to edit products and schedule promotions while management tools create custom sales reports and order summaries, change currencies and apply tax modules.
SOCIAL MEDIA – Add your social media links and gain increased exposure by being a part of the RockPaperMerch mailing list.
PRICING – Merch In Motion clients are provided with a FREE web store including design and hosting ! Not a client ? RockpaperMerch stores are priced more competitively than any other web store service. Don’t waste time struggling to learn software, get off the ground running with a fully functional web store for one low monthly fee that includes full custom set up and product uploads, hosting, free tech support and use of our Customer Service Centre. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and no third party commitments. If you no longer need a web store it’s as simple as not renewing. See for more details.


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